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Besties Duo Set


Add a touch of Glitz & Glamour to your lips and nails! We've created the perfect combo by pairing our glossy finish peel off nail polish with our hydrate-on-the-go lip gloss. Main characteristics:  Choose your bundle of nail polish and...

Bag of Wonders


Spark your kids’ natural curiosity and encourage them on their creative fashion journey with this Miss Nella Bag of Wonders - Special Edition. It packs a set of makeup goodies your children will absolutely love: 2 peel-off nail polishes 1...

Bag of Wonders Pink Edition


Let your children develop their own ideas, cultivate self-worth and satisfaction from their creative actions with this Miss Nella Bag of Wonders set, pink edition. It features all the goodies necessary for your children to experiment with colours, textures, and “beauty routines”,...

Girly Girl Essentials


Let your children develop their own ideas, cultivate self-worth and satisfaction from their creative actions with this Miss Nella Girly Girl Essentials set, special edition. It features all the goodies necessary for your children to experiment with colours, textures, and...

Festive Picks


Time to glam up the dress-up with this Miss Nella Glamorous Edition Set. It features all the goodies for a fun, and creative play: 1 Peel-off kids nail polish 1 Lip balm 1 Blush 1 Brush set 1 Eye Shadow...

Lips and Tips Duo Set


  Give your lips and nails a fruity boost! The peel off nail polish is highly pigmented with a glossy finish. We've created the perfect combo by pairing it with our organic nourishing lip balm.  Main characteristics:  Bundle of nail polish and...

Little Dress Up Activity Book


Encourage your children to bring their imagination to life and imagine themselves as little “designers” with this Miss Nella Little Dress-Up Book.  The book contains 250+ stickers, 30+ stencils, and 52 colouring pages for children as little as 3 years...

Ladybird Ear Muffs


Protect your kids’ little ears from the cold weather, and help them add another level of cuteness with these Ladybird Ear Muffs.  They’re adorable and snug, with two antennas that trigger cuteness overload at every turn of their head.

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Gifts for Kids: Unique, Meaningful Presents for Birthdays & Beyond


-Miss Nella's Nail Polish: For strong, beautiful nails
- Colourful options and nail stickers for creativity
- Makeup for special occasions or fun social time
- Soaps: Remove dirt, leaving skin refreshed and smooth
- Enjoy pleasant and refreshing scents with our products
- Elevate your nail play with Miss Nella's range
- Show off your style with vibrant colours and patterns
- Treat your kids to the luxury of Miss Nella products


- Keep nail polish bottle firmly closed
- Remove dry polish around the bottle neck
- Keep in cool, dry place
- Avoid water contact with products
- Hand-wash or wipe makeup gift bag
- Use stain remover on canvas bags
- Wash canvas bag gently at 30 degrees


- Vibrant Gift Card: Heart-warming colours
- THE Handbag: Girly essentials with a stylish twist
- Classic Box: Elegant packaging that delights
- Zipper Beauty Purse: Keep your beauty essentials together
- Beauty Box with Mirror: Beauty at your fingertips, anywhere
- Assorted Gift Packaging: Contact us for exquisite options


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Gifts for Kids FAQs

What are some non-toy gift options for a little girl?

At Miss Nella, we recognise the importance of social influence on kids' aspirations, including the use of makeup. We believe that offering a diverse range of makeup products not only allows them to explore their individual style, but also helps them develop self-confidence and self-esteem. It's an opportunity for education and creative expression. Instead of passive screen time, engaging in makeup play becomes an enjoyable active experience. With this in mind, some non-toy gift idea for a little girl could include a variety of beauty products.

What are the most unique gifts for kids?

The most recommended unique gifts for kids are the Glamorous Picks and the Happy Birthday to Me gift sets. These special gifts include a range of makeup and nail polish products, creating an experience that requires focused time and attention. If you're looking for a gift that is not only significant and memorable, but also provides a valuable learning opportunity, these options are highly recommended. Additionally, bath products can be purchased separately to complement the gift or added at a later time.

What are some of the best birthday gifts for children?

As adults, we have the power to shape a child's perception of various matters, including makeup. A makeup gift doesn't have to be seen as "giving up" for mothers who may have reservations. Instead, it can be an opportunity to have a meaningful conversation with your child that is suited to their age and level of comprehension. You can explain the benefits and address any initial concerns you may have had. As a result, your child becomes a social influence, sharing their understanding and your values with their friends. It's a way to empower children and create a positive influence.